Mission: To provide educational news broadcasts to the minority communities of Florida.

The Hispanic Achievers has been broadcasting its TV program “Hispanics SpeakOut-TV for 15 years on the I-4 corridor”.
Today we provide statewide coverage. The program airs in the English language which targets 86% of Hispanics.
Its also reaches business leaders, elected officials and educators who have interests in the Hispanic community.
Hispanic Achievers has now added 2 additional shows, Latina Role Models and BeHealthyTV to its broadcast portfolio.
The programs are conducted in an interview style format.

Hispanic Achievers TV Volunteer Staff

Danny Ramos

Sandra Rivera
Co-Host/ Attorney

Marivette Gonzalez
Visiting Topic Host/ Attorney

Damaris Ramos
Host: Latina Role Models

Diana Joseph
Special Topic Host

Janette Falcon

Yesenia Garcia (Jessie)